Thursday 30 March 2017
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Moisturising yoghurt and rice body scrub for soft and silky skin


When your skin feels dry and dull, a moisturising body scrub is what you need. Although there are myriads of scrubs available, a natural one can work wonders for your skin. And you can be rest assured that there are no synthetic chemicals in your scrub. So try using this rice and yoghurt scrub to get a radiant and silky skin.

To prepare this scrub

  • You will need to soak one cup of long grain rice or basmati rice in warm water for four hours.
  • Then drain the water and spread it on a clean cotton cloth.
  • Once the material absorbs the water and the grain dries, try breaking the rice with your fist.
  • Transfer the rice to a bowl and add ½ cup of thick, creamy yogurt to the bowl. Allow the fragmented rice to settle for a while.
  • Then add 3-4 drops of lavender essential oil and mix well. Your moisturising body scrub is ready to use.

Steps to use

  • Rub the scrub all over your body and massage gently for 2-3 minutes to remove the dry flakes from your skin.
  • Then wash your body with warm water. Doing this will slough away the dead skin cells.
  • Use this scrub every alternate for best results.


The yogurt will act as an emollient to soften your dry skin. The fragmented rice will further help exfoliate your skin. The essential oil you add will help soothe an irritated and itchy skin and relax you at the same time.

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