Thursday 30 March 2017
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Milk, curry leaves and basil herbal cleanser for glowing and clear skin


Cleansing is a crucial part of your skin-care regime. When you don’t cleanse you are only allowing all the oil, sweat and dirt to penetrate into the skin and cause breakouts. With an antiseptic and antibacterial cleanser, you can make sure that your skin is free of acne, rashes and infections. Here is a cleanser made of holy basil and curry leaves that have all these properties. Here are a few dermatologist-recommended methods to cleanse your skin.

Both holy basil and curry leaves help fight acne and reduce pigmentation and age spots. These leaves are anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory in nature and possess moisturizing properties as well. Applying a cleanser made of these leaves will also ensure that your skin is bright and glowing and has an even tone.

For preparing the cleanser, you can either use fresh raw leaves blended into a smooth paste with water or powdered dried leaves stored in an airtight jar. You can also infuse the leaves of these herbs in milk or water and then use them in making the cleanser. You can also get clear and an even skin tone with this raw papaya pack.

Here’s how you can prepare it:

  • Wash 5-6 holy basil leaves and 5-6 curry leaves thoroughly in water and place them in a clean bowl.
  • Then boil half cup of milk and let it cool. Add the leaves to the milk and allow it to settle for half an hour.
  • Strain the mixture and your homemade facial cleanser is ready to use. Apply the cleanser all over your face and neck and massage slightly for 2-3 minutes. Then wipe your face with a damp cotton ball.

Your skin will feel fresh, and you will notice that all the dirt are lifted away from the skin.

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