Thursday 30 March 2017
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Your guide to selecting moisturiser based on your skin type


Face cleansers not only wash away the make-up, dirt and debris from your skin but also strips your skin of the necessary oils making your skin vulnerable. A moisturiser helps form a protective layer on the skin so it is imperative that you use one. But with all the options out there, you wonder what the best choice for your skin type is. Dermatologist Dr Sejal Shah tells you which moisturiser best suits your skin type.

Dry skin: If your skin is dry you need to pick a moisturiser that effectively hydrates and locks in moisture into your skin. Look for humectants like lactic acid and glicerine which hydrates your skin by absorbing moisture from the air. You need to first use a gentle cleanser to clean your face and then apply a hydrating moisturiser.

Oily skin: If you have a high sebum production you need to use an oil-free moisturiser that won’t lead to breakouts. Look for lightweight moisturisers that contain salicylic acid or hyaluronic acid that will hydrate your skin while lightening the blemishes. Hyaluronic acid will also provide all the essential nutrients to your skin without clogging the skin pores.

Combination skin: Finding a right moisturiser can be tricky if you have a combination skin. If you have a combination skin, you must actually use moisturiser on areas that need moisture like your cheeks and jawline. Avoid applying it on your forehead and nose. If you are prone to acne, it is best to opt for an oil-free moisturiser. A water-based non-greasy variety with silicon-based ingredients would just be appropriate.

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