Thursday 30 March 2017
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What You Need To Know Before Buying Leather

From Hollywood (who could forget the iconic T-Bird leather jacket?) to the music industry (think Michael Jackson in Thriller), leather has...


8 things you must tell your child every single day

How often do you take time out to just sit and talk to your child? While you may sit and talk to your kiddo about how his day was, his...


Why sugar is VERY BAD for babies and how to AVOID sugar in baby food

All parents want to give their babies healthy and balanced diet that is full of vitamins and minerals essential for proper growth and...


10 things not to pack in your maternity bag

If you are pregnant, you know that you wouldn’t be leaving for labour all unprepared. Of course, you will pack your maternity bag well in...


Precautions and treatment for dental caries in infants

You do not want you little child to experience toothache. This is why you should inculcate the habit of maintaining good oral right from...


9 healthy habits that you must pass on to your kids

Our parents and grandparents have passed on many rituals and traditions that are healthy for us. These include getting up early in the...


25 things about newborns YOU MUST KNOW

There are so many things you read about what to expect during pregnancy and how to cope after the baby is born, but nobody tells you...


5 things you should never say to a working mom!

I am a working mom, and proud of it! And I also know that people judge me for that, well mostly because a lot of people like to judge....


7 ways to teach your child the value of money

Teaching your child value for money is an important aspect of parenting. Though it is usually said that money isn’t good company for any...


5 tried and tested tips to raise a reader

A quiet toddler doesn’t always mean bad news, and I know not most parents will agree with me on this. But let me tell you why I say...

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