Tuesday 24 January 2017
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Tried and tested tips to avoid itching and irritation after threading

If plucking your eyebrow leaves red bumps on your forehead every time, then this post is for you. I follow these tips, and I no...


Top 5 methods to get rid of unwanted hair from the bikini area

Thinking of getting rid of hair down there for the first time? You are bound to have questions such as will it hurt? What’ the right...


DIY pumpkin lip balm for soft, kissable lips

You cannot hide dry and chapped lips with even the best of lipsticks. Winter demands special skincare and spending a few minutes of...


Avoid these 5 beauty mistakes that lead to ageing skin

If you can stick diligently to a proper skin care routine, you really don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket on parlour treatments or...


Skin lightening creams or natural remedies — how to get rid of a sun tan?

After a long weekend at the beach or travelling daily in the hot weather, your skin bears the brunt in the form of a tan. And then the next...


DIY green tea skin toner for clear skin

Sipping a cup of green tea is no doubt refreshing, but did you try applying it to your skin? Green tea has impressive benefits for your...


DIY cherry lip scrub for luscious, soft lips

Chapped lips can be downright annoying. While you may think that applying a copious amount of lip balm helps most of the times nothing...


What to eat and what not to eat during labour

When you are in labour, chances are you would not want to eat or drink anything. Labour pain and appetite don’t go well with each other....


5 things that happen to you after delivery that no one speaks about

While everyone gives advice during pregnancy, no one tells you how to deal with the immediate challenges and tribulations post childbirth....


Third phase of labour: Step-by-step explanation and tips

If you thought birthing the baby marks the end of labour, then you need to know that there is more in store for you. The process of labour...

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