Thursday 30 March 2017
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Posts by: Naman Singh


Beauty benefits of rice water

Rice water contains inositol, which is basically a carbohydrate that helps in improving the condition of hair that is damaged. It also...


11 foods for pimple-free skin

What you eat always shows up on your skin. While some foods can lead to pimples, some can deal with the underlying cause of it. Overload of...


9 harmful chemicals in soaps which can ruin skin

While there are strict rules and guidelines for the ingredients that constitute packaged food products, the same cannot be said for the...


7 harmful chemicals in beauty products that can ruin skin

There are several chemicals present in many beauty and cosmetic products that are actually more harmful than beneficial to the people...


4 reasons why body lotions shouldn’t be used on the face

Using a body lotion is absolutely necessary for soft and supple skin, but you should not use the same cream for your face. Here are some...


Why you should not pop pimples?

If there is one thing that most teenagers list as their numero uno problem, it is pimples! The red and ugly aberrations spoil their...


Hair removal methods — epilation vs shaving vs waxing

Removing body hair is an age-old practice. Societal norms dictate that a woman with smooth, hair-free skin is beautiful and ‘clean.’...


5 excellent face packs to remove blackheads

Blackheads are caused when excessive sebum, oil and dead cells get accumulated in your skin pores. Try these face packs to shrink the pores...


Make bikini waxing less painful with these useful tips

Many of you may prefer going for a bikini wax to keep the pubic area clean. Although, waxing is an easy way to remove pubic hair, it can...


Do chocolates cause pimples?

There are times when you restrain yourself from reaching out to that bar of chocolate, lying in your fridge, simply because of the...

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