Thursday 30 March 2017
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Posts by: Bhumi Chawla


6 Ways To Boost Your Nutrient Absorption By Improving Your Gut Health

Picture this: There you are, doing your best to eat healthy, taking your recommended supplements each day, exercising regularly, and even...


Let’s Settle This: Should You Do Yoga When You’re Sick?

This time of year, it’s all nose-blowing and unforgivable stomach flus. For some that means a wrench is thrown in New...


7 Things You Need To Know Today

1. NYC’s newest vegan coffee shop has the coolest-looking lattes. The Good Sort is a coffee shop serving up savory and sweet rice...


The 9 Things I Do Every Day To Make Sure I Don’t Gain Weight

Ten years ago, I was a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and in the best shape of my life. I had never looked better on the...


How Carrying Extra Weight Can Increase Your Risk For Cancer

We are all guilty of making resolutions for the new year that we don’t keep. Even well-intentioned changes are often harder to...


This Is How To Build A Meaningful Life—One Step At A Time

Ever since I was a child, I’ve been on a quest to understand what makes life meaningful. Of course, I’m not alone. We all want...


Mental Health Checklist: 13 Things To Do If You’re Feeling Blue

We all know mental health is a critical piece to leading a full, productive life. Yet maintaining good mental health isn’t always as easy...

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Workplace Stress Culture Is Not Normal: Here’s What We All Need To Do

Recently I started having panic attacks, and it’s interesting because I did not have panic attacks when I studied abroad in Hungary...


The Surprising Connection Between Your Gut & Hair (And How Ayurveda Can Help)

Great hair is more than skin deep, even more than scalp deep. Within Ayurveda, it’s actually gut deep. Many Ayurvedic suggestions and...


The One Tool You Need To Actually Achieve Your Fitness Goals This Year

Most people don’t start a workout resolution feeling ambivalent. You were probably fired up the day you decided that this time you...

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