Tuesday 24 January 2017
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Posts by: Bhumi Chawla


4 simple tips to get rid of back acne

Do you have terrible breakouts all over your back? The dirt and moisture that gets trapped by your clothing is the culprit. However, a...


Skin lightening creams or natural remedies — how to get rid of a sun tan?

After a long weekend at the beach or travelling daily in the hot weather, your skin bears the brunt in the form of a tan. And then the next...


5 best-out-of-waste DIY face masks

We’ve all made at least one best out of waste projects where you make beautiful utility items from trash. Try best out of waste in your...


Milk, curry leaves and basil herbal cleanser for glowing and clear skin

Cleansing is a crucial part of your skin-care regime. When you don’t cleanse you are only allowing all the oil, sweat and dirt to...


Five minutes of dry brushing everyday is all you need for silky, smooth skin!

Have you tried dry brushing? It is a simple trick will take only five minutes a day and clean your body thoroughly. Here’s why you must...


Moisturising yoghurt and rice body scrub for soft and silky skin

When your skin feels dry and dull, a moisturising body scrub is what you need. Although there are myriads of scrubs available, a natural...


DIY green tea skin toner for clear skin

Sipping a cup of green tea is no doubt refreshing, but did you try applying it to your skin? Green tea has impressive benefits for your...


DIY cherry lip scrub for luscious, soft lips

Chapped lips can be downright annoying. While you may think that applying a copious amount of lip balm helps most of the times nothing...


Your guide to selecting moisturiser based on your skin type

Face cleansers not only wash away the make-up, dirt and debris from your skin but also strips your skin of the necessary oils making your...


6 things you must know before bleaching your face

When it comes to covering facial hair, many opt for skin bleaching. While bleaching can certainly lighten your facial hair, there are...

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