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Healthapta 9 healthy habits that you must pass on to your kids - Healthapta
Tuesday 26 September 2017
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9 healthy habits that you must pass on to your kids


Our parents and grandparents have passed on many rituals and traditions that are healthy for us. These include getting up early in the morning, praying every day, lighting diyas, sitting on the floor while eating and washing hands often. How many of these traditional Indian traditions do you follow? How many have you passed on to the younger generation? Here are ten healthy habits that you should pass on to your kids.

Getting up early in the morning: How many of us get up early in the morning? With late night parties, outing or work shifts, getting up early the next day does not seem feasible. But according to Ayurveda, waking up a couple of hours before your daily time makes you less stressed, keeps you active the entire day and makes you happy. Moreover, you will get time to exercise, sleep on time and will also be more productive. The study published in the Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences revealed that people waking up early in the morning are at lower risk of suffering from depression. Tried waking up early in the morning but failed? Here are few tips to get up early!

Sit on the floor while eating: Most of us prefer eating on the dining table or sitting on the couch to eat. But this is not a healthy idea as compared to the practice of our ancestors, who used to sit on the floor with their legs crossed. Well, you should also practise the same as it not only helps in digestion and aids in weight loss, but also improves your posture and lubricates your knees and joints. It also helps in improving blood circulation. Here’s why you should sit on the floor while eating!

Not drinking water while eating: A common mistake that most of us commit every day is to keep a tall glass of water next to your food plate. And even if your parents insist on not drinking water while eating, you never bother to abide. Well, the reason behind not drinking water while eating is that drinking water with meals dilutes gastric juices, which results in prolonged digestion process and lead to acidity. Neha Chandna, a well-known dietician, says that it also causes your blood sugar levels to spike up. Here’s more on why drinking water during your meals is a bad idea.

Eat dinner at sunset: Have your parents ever insisted on having your dinner before 8 and go to sleep early? If your answer is yes, then you should pass on this habit to your kids as well. The principles of Ayurveda state that you should eat dinner in the first phase of ratricharya as it helps your body be in sync with the nature’s cycle. It also prevents obesity, reduces digestive problems, promotes sleep and keeps you refreshed for the next day.

Don’t wash your hair with warm water: Our ancestors used to wash their hair with cold water unlike most of us who prefer hot water. Using hot water to wash your hair increases the pH of the scalp, causing hair loss. It also makes your hair rough and weakens it, leading to thinning hair, says hair expert, Jawed Habib. But cold water maintains the temperature of the body and your scalp and thus, prevents hair fall. Read more about top 10 reasons for hair loss in women.

Wash your hands before and after meals: A healthy habit to teach your kid is to ensure they wash their hands before meals, even if they eat with a spoon or fork. It lowers the risk of eight common diseases including diarrhoea, food-borne infections and hepatitis. Not only before but you should wash your hands even after meals for better hygiene and sanitation. Here’s more on why you should wash your hands before meals.

Rinse your mouth after having meals: Do you ever rinse your mouth with water after having your meals? If not, then please inculcate this habit and make sure your kids also follow. It cleanses off the leftover particles in the mouth that might get stuck in the dental cavities and in turn harbour bacteria, leading to dental problems like bad breath and even gum disease. Here’s what to look out for in mouthwashes for sensitive teeth.

Wash your hands and feet as soon as you reach home: The first thing you should do after entering your home after your long day at work or coming back after a long flight or journey is to wash your hands and feet (if taking a bath is not a feasible option). The dirt and pollutants that get accumulated on your face, hands and feet not only increase your risk of stomach infections and respiratory problems but also lead to acne and skin problems.

Lighting diyas and chanting prayers: How often do you pray? And what about your kids?Inculcating the habit of praying every day allows them to learn the traditions and cultures that have been passed on from generation. Also, chanting prayers or mantras like Gayatri mantra calms the mind, improves learning and concentration, keeps your heart healthy and prevents depression. As you pray, you close your eyes and meditate, which inculcates positive thinking and spiritual well-being.

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