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Healthapta 6 unhealthy diet habits that diabetics assume are healthy - Healthapta
Thursday 17 August 2017
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6 unhealthy diet habits that diabetics assume are healthy


When it comes to managing diabetes, diet plays a crucial part. Minor diet mistakes can make your blood sugar level go haywire drastically. However, most people with diabetes fail to understand how to manage their condition despite help and awareness. Some diet mistakes keep on recurring, making it difficult to manage the condition. Here are some common diet mistakes that expert nutritionist Niti Desai attached to Cumbala Hills Hospital and Heart Institute tells us that every diabetic should take a note:

#1: Carbohydrate-rich breakfast items like upma and poha are good for diabetics

When it comes to carbohydrates, every diabetic should be cautious. Yes, complex carbohydrates are better than simple carbohydrates. But the popular breakfast choice of upma and poha isn’t a healthy option. The reason being suji or rawa is a fine and processed item, so when upma is prepared with it; it stands a higher chance of increasing ones blood sugar level. Similarly, poha is rice based and anything rice based will spike your sugar level. So even with these so-called healthy breakfasts, moderation is the key. A healthy breakfast idea would be instead oats, poha or upma,which has its fair share of fibre. Also, South Indian breakfast like dosa is a better option, as even though it is rice based, it also contains pulses and when had withsambhar, it doesn’t spike your sugar level.

#2: Eating rice after straining excess water is healthy

Rice is a staple food for most Indians, and it is difficult to give it up even if your condition demands so. One way diabetics make sure they get some rice on their plate is by cooking it differently, i.e. by straining the excess water from cooked rice to ensure it is less harmful. But then the starch in the rice remains intact, which will work its way to spiking blood sugar level. And straining excess water would mean getting rid of the little vitamins and minerals that it could offer. Here is how tomanage diabetics only through diet.

#3: Natural fruit juices are harmless

Well, they are not. Having natural fruit juice means having natural sugar that can make your blood sugar rise. In fact, the ideal thing should be to eat the whole fruit so that you get some fibre and lots of vitamins out of it. Suppose you have two glasses of fruit juice in place of one whole fruit, you understand the damage you are doing to yourself. Here are some fruits that are good for diabetics.

#4: Coconut water is good for diabetics

Coconut water is good for your health but not for diabetics, as it increases one’s sugar level instantly.

#5: Having fruits after a meal is the best form of dessert

This is the biggest diet blunder one can ever make. Remember, Indian foods are rich in carbohydrates so eating fruits right after a meal is going to rise your sugar level drastically. Instead, have whole fruits as a snack in between your meals.

#6: Diabetic mithai is a better option than malai barfi

Of course, it is, and it is specially made to satisfy a diabetic’s taste buds. However, it is not only about being low in sugar; diabetic mithai is also high in saturated fats. Diabetics are also at a higher risk of cardiovascular diseases and saturated fat can just add to the worries. So if you have three anjeer barfis in one go, you are doing yourself more damage than what you would do by eating one malai barfi.

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