Thursday 30 March 2017
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5 things that happen to you after delivery that no one speaks about


While everyone gives advice during pregnancy, no one tells you how to deal with the immediate challenges and tribulations post childbirth. Sadly, even your mother might not have warned you about these immediate challenges post labour. Here is what you need to expect once out of the labour room and on your own.

Vaginal bleeding and sore bottom: During pregnancy you were spared the various aches and pains of menstruation. But soon after delivery, vaginal bleeding becomes a nagging issue to tackle. This kind of bleeding is called lochia and could be persistent for about a month or a little longer. Well this isn’t a sign of worry, but it might need you to clean yourself all too often.

This happens because after the delivery your body needs to expel wastes such as dead tissues, remains of the placenta and the inner lining of the uterus and other remains. Your bottom might be sore with all that pushing you did during the last stage of your labour. Sitting on a wooden chair might seem downright impossible. In case of a C-section your scar might pain for a couple of days after the surgery and you would need help to walk or even stand erect on your own. Here are other reasons of vaginal bleeding that you should know about.

Low energy levels:If you thought you would gain back all your energies right after labour and delivery you are sadly mistaken. It might take days or even weeks for you to gain back some amount of strength to do your daily chores with ease, add to it the demands of the newborn.

This is because hormonal activities that had been governing the various functions of your body during pregnancy and were responsible for those niggles, aches and pain are still in way creating havoc within. In fact, hormonal changes post-pregnancy are also responsible for postpartum depression and other health issues. To counter the same it is necessary to rest enough, eat a balanced diet and take postnatal medications on time. Here aresix ways to deal with baby blues post childbirth.

An inflamed stomach: Your uterus doesn’t come back to its normal position soon after the delivery. In fact you might look pregnant even after you have delivered and it will take your uterus six weeks to come back to its original position. In some cases even more than that, so be patient. Don’t expect a magical makeover anytime soon after the delivery. If you want to wear a postpartum belt to reduced the belly, have a word with your doctor first, as it can have adverse consequences in some women. Especially, after a C-section such practice is considered unsafe as it could lead to a hernia later.

Less sleep: Ask any mother of a newborn and you will know that sleep after your child’s birth is like a luxury. Even though you might be tired and fatigued after the stress of pregnancy and childbirth, sleep is still a distant dream for you. To cope with sleep deficit try to get some shut-eye while your baby takes a nap. That will help you revive some of your energy. If lack of sleep is making you irritable or taking a toll on your overall health, hire help or ask your partner to babysit for few hours while you catch on some sleep. Here are eight ways in which you can fight baby blues postpartum.

Breastfeeding challenges: Most mothers think that breastfeeding would come naturally to them; however it isn’t all that easy. You might have to struggle for the first few days to get the right position and help your little one get along with the process of natural nursing. If things look too much out of control, try speaking to a lactation consultant for help.

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