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Healthapta 10 things not to pack in your maternity bag - Healthapta
Tuesday 26 September 2017
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10 things not to pack in your maternity bag


If you are pregnant, you know that you wouldn’t be leaving for labour all unprepared. Of course, you will pack your maternity bag well in advance to avoid last minute chaos. While most of us will pack the essentials that are needed, sometimes we just pack the wrong things because naturally we don’t foresee what’s needed and what’s not. So here is a list of some essentials that you can give a miss while packing your maternity bag.

1. Pre-pregnancy clothes: If you are a first-time mother, you might make this mistake of packing your pre-pregnancy clothes or even your designer jeans to pose for pictures after discharge. But let me tell you that you are not going to fit into them for at least two years (unless you follow your exercise routine post childbirth). Pack maternity clothes.

2. Toys: Yes it’s cute to pick up rattles and teethers even before your delivery, but they don’t need a space in your maternity bag. Your baby won’t need them right away. Instead, keep some space for feeding bottles, you might need them.

3. Breast-pump: Well, this isn’t an absolute necessity. Many people might tell you to carry this in case you aren’t lactating enough so that pumping might help you get started with the process. But believe me, if you have made the right choice of the hospital there would be enough support staff to help you and address your breastfeeding problems. So leave it back home.

4. Pregnancy pillow: Yes, you loved the comfort it provided but don’t carry it to the hospital. It is cumbersome and too much for you to carry it to the hospital and your hospital may not allow it anyway.

5. Cosmetics: I would like to know what you were thinking packing your entire beauty bag. You think that once the baby is out you will use your blush and lipstick to get the right click and pout? You have no idea what life is after childbirth and the thought of using cosmetic won’t even cross your mind for months.

6. Electronic gadgets: Your laptop, Kindle, iPad can be your life, but that was before the baby came into your life. If you are packing them, just ask yourself what you are going to do with them while in the hospital. Between taking care of a newborn and nursing your own wounds, you may have barely enough time to catch up on some much-needed sleep.

7. Parenting books: No, no, no. You don’t need to refer to them right after birth, for the same matter keep your pregnancy handbooks at home too. When in labour and in pain these books and the fascinating texts aren’t going to come to your rescue.

8. Extra clothes: It is sensible to carry an extra pair of clothing as you might not know for how long you might need to stay. But don’t pack as if you are heading for a holiday. Disposable panties are a great idea. Also, some hospitals insist that you wear their uniform. It is better to carry a pair of baby clothes, mitts, cap and swaddle cloth.

9. Baby bedding: Keep it decorated in your nursery or your bedroom. You can use washed and ironed bed sheets over the hospital bed if you are too hygiene conscious. Carrying the entire baby bedding would be too cumbersome and bulky.

10. Extra blankets: Trust the hospital ones are well sanitised and you aren’t going to live your entire life over there. So don’t pack your bag with extra ones that just add to the load.

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